Dewa Spa

Walk into the Dewa Spa for our life changing therapies. Dewa spa incorporates techniques of practices to bring about peace, harmony and deep relaxation to our guests. These techniques are taken from ancient Bhutanese texts, researched from Shamanic traditions and local knowledge of healing and relaxation. We use oils and herbs that are grown in the high Himalayas of Bhutan. The Spa offers foot, head and shoulder massage, Herbal bath, ritual massage and many more. Some of our therapies are Dewa Kang Thrue, Dewa Jab Thrue, Dewa Deep Tissue Singsay oil massage, Dewa Hot Stone Khempa Bath and Dewa Spa Signature Massage.
The Dewa Spa is a haven from the busy schedules and rush of modern life and is the perfect complement to Hotel Olathang and its beautiful natural surroundings.

Traditional Hot Stone Bath

Set in a traditional house design the hot stone bath is a truly Bhutanese experience to end or begin your trip in Bhutan. Traditionally, hot stone bath is believed to heal ailments like joint pains, hypertension, stomach disorder, arthritis and many minor diseases. Hot stone bath is said to have no side effects. It is in its pure, natural form. The water is collected from a clear spring meanwhile stones are heated in fire and when hot are added. The stones then release their heat and minerals to the water.

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